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Party Ideas with Jumping Castle Hire

Party Ideas with Jumping Castle Hire!

Need some party ideas? Jumping castles are perfect for children’s birthday parties. Jumping castle hire for a party idea is great because:

  1. Jumping castles are heaps of fun for kids of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.
  2. Jumping castles promote exercise and outdoor fun.
  3. Little for the parents / carers to do – just watch and relax. The children can bounce the day away on our jumping castles!
  4. Keeps all the mess and noise outside!
  5. Our jumping castles are easy to install and deflate. We do it all for you!
  6. Themed castles mean you can cater to your child’s needs – we have Frozen theme, Sponge Bob, Cars, Sports and more!

Party ideas

Jumping castles are usually irresistible to children and help encourage children to socialize better with other children through play. Jumping castles help your child become more active in play, and also helps the children to improve their socialisation skills – our jumping castles enable your children to interact with others through play. Castles will ensure that your child has the best moment during the party and make the event memorable for every single child at the party.

We also have party favours / party packs that can be matched with the jumping castle hire.


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Winter Party Ideas for Kids (Frozen and More!)

Winter Kids Party Inspo

So your child’s birthday falls in the June, July and August cycle – often it hard to think of winter party ideas to throw that are fun and exciting. But if it’s a drizzly old day outside, it may put a dampener on what you feel like organising.  We feel your birthday party pain.

Summer kids get outdoor extravaganzas, picnics, parks and playgrounds to celebrate their days, but cold weather calls for some more creative party planning. With the craze of ‘Frozen’ the movie slowly dying away, we are here to help, and rounded up some of the best Winter birthday party themes around.

Check them all out and give your Winter kid the party the n”ice”est party around!

  • Ramp Attack – located in Brisbane’s north, this is the perfect party venue for those little skaters among you. Thrills, speeds, humps and bumps!
  • If you’re little girl is still in awe of Elsa and her magical Frozen world, why not hire our ever popular (yep, it’s still flying out the door) Frozen jumping castle? Even on a grim day in Brisbane, it’s the perfect solution to a mid-winter birthday party.
  • Outdoor cinema .. here its snuggling under the cold winter sky and watching your favourite flick. Meet up earlier and toast marshmallows around an open brazier, snuggle up in cosy blankets and hot chocolates! The perfect kids winter party.

winter party ideas

As Brisbane’s number one jumping castle hire service, we know how to throw a great party – All Year Round!


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Easter Holidays 2017

Easter Holidays 2017 Ideas!

Easter Holidays

Easter is EARLY this year! So you’ll need to start thinking about Easter Holidays 2017 and what you have  planned.  Good Friday lands on Friday, 14th April this year and if you’re not planning on heading away perhaps it’s time to start thinking about booking in some fun activities for the Easter Holidays!

Jumpin’ Around will have some Easter specials coming up (keep an eye out on our Specials page) with all of our products, including our ever popular jumping castles, our outdoor cinema hire and our marquee hire. Thinking jumping Easter holiday bunnies and jumping castles – all fits right?! What an excuse to throw a party and include one of our jumping castles to celebrate. It will keep both the kids and the adults amused for the entire day, and we do all the hard work for you!

Easter Holidays

Our Sponge Bob jumping castle

We deliver for free anywhere within 20km’s radius of the Brisbane CBD, erect / pump up the castle and when your party is finished, come back, deflate, dismantle and take it away. Our castles are all regularly safety tested and comply with Australian regulations.

Easter then moves into the first school holidays between term 1 and term 2 this year, so there is another 2 weeks of holiday to be filled with kid friendly activities. Keep Jumpin’ Around in mind and keep those children active and healthy!

Contact us to book now 🙂

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Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

… We’ve got you sorted! 

It’s that time of the year again .. yes, your child’s birthday is around the corner and you haven’t planned anything yet, instead of pulling your hair out with kids running amok at home, try an outdoor birthday party – we have heaps of ideas for you.  Every year your child’s birthday party seem to become an event that has bigger and better expectations every year. The same predicament flies through your head “should I have it at home and risk children flying everywhere and making a huge mess or should I host it out of the house that may cost more?”.

At Jumpin’ Around we’ve got a few suggestions to help plan that perfect outdoor birthday party:

1) Remember your budget, and stick to it.

It’s important not to lose sight of your budget. Don’t let the party get bigger than your wallet.  Usually you think that by having the party at home you are saving costs, but by the end of the day, you realise you have overspent, exhausted, and have a huge mess to contend with.  You’ll be surprised at how cost effective and easy throwing a party off-site can be.  Start off by working out how much you actually want to spend on the party before you do anything else. Utilising a park / bbq area is a cost effective way to plan an outdoor party, as all you will need to add is some decorations (cheap at Kmart or Big W) balloons, tablecloths etc.

outdoor birthday party ideas2) Organise the party venue – park or back yard. 

Every child and parent loves being outside in fresh air. Firstly, it’s healthy and usually includes some form of exercise for the kids.  It’s also a hassle-free alternative to hosting it inside your home, when more often time than not, the clean-up process could be a lot longer than the party itself! 15 kids under 5 running through your home could get messy so wear the kids out by playing games outside. An option could be hiring one of our fantastic jumping castles – the kids will spend hours bouncing around and being active.  We can also hire out generators so you are not limited to an outdoor space close to power – including public parks and playgrounds.

Outdoor birthday party ideas

3) What does your child want?

Kids have big imaginations, so be specific when asking your child what they want out of their party.  Ask them what theme they’d like everything to be or what they’d like to do with their friends. Answering questions like these will give you an idea of what’s really important and stimulate ideas for venue, invitation and food options.

4) Make a bullet point list!!

Writing a list will help you sort out logistics, what you need, how many etc.  Party favours, decorations, guest list, invitations and presents – all these things that make your party come to life are important, but easily forgotten. At Jumpin’ Around we can help to plan the perfect outdoor birthday party.

outdoor birthday party ideas

5Have fun

Probably the most important point! The party isn’t a day for you to be pulling your hair out. Now that all the nitty-gritty of the planning process is complete, sit back and watch your party masterpiece play out, with cake in hand, and enjoy your child growing that year older.



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A Clean Jumping Castle Hire (for a stress-free, care-free party!)

Clean Jumping Castle Hire (Brisbane Southside) makes for a FUN care-free party!

So ta Jumpin’ Around headquarters we want to ensure you know that with our jumping castle hire (based in the Southside of Brisbane), we are here to make your day as easy and care-free as possible.  That’s why with our hire, we provide a clean jumping castle, unlike other jumping castle suppliers, who may charge an extra fee for cleaning services.

Some tips that we use for ensuring every jumping castle hire is clean and ready to go for your child’s (or adults!) big day:

Our jumping castles are always packed DRY and CLEAN.

We ensure after each hire the bounce house or jumping castle is packed away tightly, and is dry before storing to prevent mould.

If required, we will use a tarpaulin underneath the jumping castle prior to use.

Particularly if there is sharp objects or rough ground.

No food or drink policy

Obviously sticky lollies and drinks will create a huge mess, so it’s just easier to keep them right out of the way of the jumping castle while in use.

We roll not drag our jumping castles

This helps to ensure no holes can be made while inflating or packing up.

We also have our jumping castles regularly safety checked to Australian Standards as it’s our first priority is the safety of the children and adults that hire them.

So for the cleanest, best service, competitive prices and friendly locally-based southside Brisbane owners, Jumpin’ Around are here to service any party requirements you may have with our fantastic jumping castle hire in Brisbane! 

jumping castle hire southside

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Summer Christmas Special Jumping Castle Hire!

Super Summer Christmas Special!

You are not going to find this anywhere else!!

YES, Jumpin’ Around, the local, friendly, expert jumping castle hire company is offering a fantastic SUPER SUMMER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

Christmas Specials

All our jumping castles from the 23rd – 28th December will be for hire for the same low price of a 4 hour hire (Yes, you read correctly!!) and FREE delivery within 25kms of Brisbane CBD!!

Imagine, having our Sponge Bob Squarepants 3D Combo from the 23 – 28th December ALL FOR 4 Hour Hire Price! YES!

jumping castle hire brisbane

Okay, so the kids have opened all their presents on Christmas morning, you’ve eaten your delicious Xmas brekkie, and busy putting batteries into toys, or erecting a toy house … whilst they are outside, jumping away happily! Make your Christmas easy, less stressful and give yourself the time you need to put together the last touches of your Christmas meal, or just enjoy being together. Adults can jump too!

We have a great selection of jumping castles to choose from so don’t delay – with this special, our castles will hire out quickly!


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Top 5 Quick and Easy Christmas Party Food Ideas

Our Top 5 Quick n Easy Christmas Party Food Snacks

The time has come … yes, it’s suddenly hit MID-DECEMBER and you need to organise that corporate staff Christmas party … or that family-friendly / kid-friendly annual Xmas get-together.

Now Christmas party means food. Not the big sit down lunch type scenario, but party food. Yep, bite size, easy-to-eat-in-one-mouthful type party food. To help get your list started, here’s some really easy, but delicious, wow Xmas party food ideas for your next party.  Don’t forget to hire one of our fantastic jumping castles to make that Christmas party family-friendly and keep the kids entertained!

Chilli and Proscuitto Wrapped Prawn Skewers

Skewer peeled prawns onto (soaked) bamboo skewers. Marinate in chilli and oil mixture for 20mins or so. Wrap each proscuitto and BBQ until golden brown. Ummm … YUM?!!!

Cranberry + Brie Crostini

Slice baguettes (thin so it goes nice and crispy) – top with a good thick slice of brie and spoon over chunky, glorious, glistening cranberry sauce.

Ok so more Brie … but seriously, Brie and Xmas go together like a match made in heaven. BAKED BRIE. Yup. nuff said.  Just pop this baby in the oven till it’s nice and gooey. Great to add some honeycomb / drizzled with organic golden syrup.

Baked Brie

Antipasto Skewers

These super cute, colourful sticks are a Christmas rainbow on a plate. Eye-catching and Wow. Also pretty yummy to boot. Make your own variations up too 🙂

Ham and Cheese Sliders

We don’t even own this recipe, but we found it, and darn its good!! Follow this link 🙂 

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Halloween Snacks

5 Halloween Snacks for Party Ideas

Halloween Snacks for Party – Ideas and Recipes

So you have been invited to a Halloween Party and need to bring a plate of ghoulish snacks? We have some great halloween snacks and recipes that you can use — and impress everyone with these easy ideas!

1.Dracula’s Dentures. These are really impressive and super easy to make! Simply use cookie dough (you can purchase cookie dough from supermarket in tubes) and bake it to it’s directions and cut each piece into two. Spread red icing mixture and place mini marshmallows and top with remaining half of cookie.

2. Bat Cookies … simply use a bat shaped cookie cutter to cut up tortillas and fry them until golden and sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon. YUM!

3. Dark Chocolate Pretzel Screams… this is just too cool. And don’t forget delicious! The perfect combination of sweet and salty.  Dip your pretzels into melted chocolate (could be dark, milk or white chocolate) and stick on candy googly eyes (found in the baking section of the supermarket). Leave in fridge to set. EASY.

4. Mummified hot dogs are a show stopper (not to mention utterly delicious). 3 ingredients is all it takes! Hot dogs (or you could use cheerios for mini ones), puff pastry and mustard (optional). Simply cut the pastry (store bought) into strips, wrap around each dog (leave the face free).  Line on baking tray and bake for 15 minutes until puffed and golden.  Cool down and add mustard for each eye with a toothpick. Sorted!

5. Last but not least is a bit of a grotesque dish, but it’s mighty tasty! Utilise your carved pumpkin for this dish – add guacamole dip as the picture depicts and surround with black corn chips. Ewwwww but oh so cool!

Halloween snacks - Pretzel Screams
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Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus … Halloween Party in Bulimba!

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble, there’s some mischief afoot this Halloween in Bulimba! If your little ghouls and gremlins love the idea of Trick or Treat but you’re not so keen on walking the streets knocking on strangers doors, Hocus Pocus Halloween Party in the Park could be just the trick for your tots.

Jumpin’ Around Jumping Castles will be at Hocus Pocus Halloween at Bulimba Oxford Street Memorial Park on Monday, 31st October!!!

Hocus Pocus

Take part in our Halloween Party Special!

  • Simply take a photo of yourself (or get Mum / Dad to) at Hocus Pocus Halloween Party in Oxford Street Memorial Park in front of one of our jumping castles
  • Email it to us (
  • Post the photo (and tag yourself) to our Facebook Jumpin’ Around page

You will instantly receive $20 off your next hire AND go into a draw for a half price castle hire with free delivery 20k of Brisbane CBD!!

Check out our write up in the Weekend Notes – Halloween Party!

See you at Hocus Pocus – dressed up in your finest SCARIEST costumes of course! WhoooooooOOOOOOO!!!


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Generator Hire Brisbane

Generator Hire Brisbane

So as your local (and best and cheapest) jumping castle hire company in Brisbane and Perth, we also hire out generators! We have two generator hire sizes available – depending on which size jumping castle or bouncy castle that you choose to hire for your next party or function.

We have the large generator  – the KGE6500 can be used with our larger size jumping castles at $150 for the day including free delivery within 20kms of Brisbane CBD.  Fuel is not included, but can be at $1.50 per litre.

There is also the smaller generator – the Black Ridge generator is a 4 stroke 2400 watt and is very simple to operate with an easy recoil start.  Runs extremely well in any outdoor conditions and can be used with our smaller 4×4 jumping castles.

Generator Hire Brisbane

Hire out for $100 and free delivery within 20km of Brisbane city. Discounted hire if you hire as a package with one of our jumping castle’s – ONLY $80. Fuel not included, but can be at $1.50 per litre.

The perfect party place is the local park – which is now totally accessible for jumping castle hire with one of our generators hire in Brisbane. Or, you can hire out our generators for anything else you need!

So call us to discuss and book now!

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Melbourne Cup Party Ideas

Melbourne Cup Party Ideas

Yes, it’s nearly that time of year again!! Come the first Tuesday of November, the nation will be celebrating the ever important Melbourne Cup Race Day.  Thinking of doing a Melbourne Cup Party? Then Jumpin’ Around has some great Melbourne Cup party ideas for you!

How about doing something a little different this year, and throwing a Melbourne Cup party either at your home, or at the park?! Such gorgeous Brisbane weather suits an outdoor thing, and if you’re not heading to a race day, or function, then keep it cool, fun and casual. Think grassy park area, and a gorgeous set up of tables, nibbles, champagne AND a jumping castle of course!

By hiring one of our fantastic range of jumping castles, you can make the race day a fun event for all ages, not just the adults.  We have a new Bungee Race castle which is LOADS of fun, you could do a sweep stake of the competitors just like the the real Melbourne Cup race! We have a huge range of party packs and all party related items and could theme them to Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne Cup Party Ideas

So for a family-friendly Melbourne Cup Party Ideas and inspiration then look no further … contact Jumpin’ Around and let us help you organise the Cup of the year soiree!!

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Cheap Jumping Castle Hire (Yes, it’s true!)

#1 Cheap Jumping Castle Hire (YES!! It’s TRUE!)

At Jumpin’ Around Party Solutions, we offer Brisbane wide the cheapest jumping castle hire in town! Yes, it’s true. For our standard 4 hour price to hire a jumping castle of your choice, we will drop it off at your house (or where ever you need it to be delivered) on the Friday, and you can keep it for the ENTIRE WEEKEND!! Yes, so a 4 hour price package becomes a 36 hour price package!

Our cheap jumping castle hire is the #1 jumping castle hire in Brisbane because:

  1. Great friendly and professional service.
  2. Wonderful value and safety tested castles.
  3. We deliver free anywhere within 20kms of the Brisbane CBD.
  4. We do all the hard work – set it up, inflate and pack down.
  5. A huge range of themed jumping castles to choose from!

cheap jumping castle hire

Need some party inspiration? At Jumpin’ Around we can help you create that perfect party – we have party supplies that can match any theme. We can also supply packed favours and marquees too.

So don’t delay, contact us now to enquire about how we can make your next celebration a success!



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Bouncy Castle Hire Brisbane (The Bounciest Castles Ever!)

Bouncy Castle Hire Brisbane (the bounciest castles around!!)

Looking for Bouncy Castle Hire Brisbane?? Well look no further!! Jumpin’ Around Party Solutions has the bounciest castles for hire in the Brisbane region. School holidays are coming up, and it’s time to organise those play dates and keep the kids active and outdoors.

Yes, Brisbane has so much to offer kids during the holiday season, our region is bountiful with great weather, and lots of lots of fantastic parklands, bush walks, and outdoor things to do, but if you need to be at home, why not hire a bouncy castle from Jumpin’ Around? We can deliver, set up and have it all ready for the kids to just get on and enjoy hours of jumping and activity. We have all weekend hire – so can drop off on the Friday and pick u on the Monday – all for the same 4 hour rate!!

We don’t just hire out bouncy castles, but also the fantastic and ever popular Bungee Run!! Yes, this is a competitive inflatable that will provide the kids with hours of entertainment.

Bouncy Castle Hire Brisbane

Or why not get a group of friends together, and hire out our castle in the park? Bring some picnic food, we can meet you there, set you up (including hire of our generators if no power is available) its SO easy – just check out recent customer reviews to see how easy it can be!

Here at Jumpin’ Around, we are a small, family owned and operated business, with friendly and speedy service. Our rates are very competitive and we deliver free to any suburb within 20ks of the Brisbane CBD – how good is that?! Our castles are tested regularly for safety and comply with all Australian standards.

So don’t delay these school holidays – contact us now to book!!

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Bungee Run Hire Brisbane

Bungee Run Hire now in Brisbane!!

For the competitive streak in you, contact us about our fantastic new addition – the Bungee Run. The bungee run hire is now available in Brisbane!

Jumpin’ Around has recently added this to their collection of products, and you won’t find better value or service for this fabulous new addition to our range.

Bungee Run Hire

This is a brilliant concept, see how far you can run before you get dragged back down the inflatable runway! Our bungee run hire in Brisbane is an affordable way to bring out the competitor in you OR your children! Perfect for adults and children! It takes the level of entertainment to your next event.  It is also a perfect addition to your fetes and festivals.

The bungee run is great for some friendly competition between friends as they compete with each other to see who can run the furthest. Extreme fun for those who think they are up for it. You are sure to see some impressive spills from even the most athletic and toughest among them! This, along with our Gladiator castle is perfect to keep everyone entertained for hours! Imagine having this at your house over the school holidays??

As with any of our rides or entertainment, Jumpin Around pride ourselves on our quality products that ensure safety and fun for all users. This is a quality inflatable that has been made right here in Australia to the highest standards.

We have ALL WEEKEND rates on offer for $390 – the cheapest and best value in Brisbane!

Contact us now too book.

Bungee Run Hire


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Kids Entertainment at Morningside AFL Club!

Kids Entertainment on Friday Nights at Morningside Panthers AFL Club!

Jumpin’ Around jumping castles will continue to support these Friday nights and for Kids entertainment!

If you still have the urge to get the kids out, listen to a live band, have a drink and a meal the Morningside Panthers AFL Club will still be operating and putting on a great night every Friday night!

Jumpin’ Around will be there every Friday with our jumping castles so you can rest easy that the littlies will be kept busy (and exhausted) also 🙂

We also will be at the Bulimba Golf Club every Sunday for the Jazz Sunday session … at Jumpin’ Around we love to support community events so if you think you have a business that would benefit from jumping castle hire please get in contact.

Check out our Facebook post and hope to see you on Friday night!!


Kids Entertainment


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Paw Patrol is coming to Brisbane!

Paw Patrol at Sesame Lane Show Day in Brisbane!

Saturday 3rd September at 10am

Yes you heard right! Paw Patrol is coming to Brisbane with the help of Sesame Lane Kindergarten !

Paw Patrol

On Saturday, 3rd September from 10am Sesame Lane are holding a Show Day packed with activities, entertainment, give aways and more! Join Ryder, Chase and Marshall from Nick Jr’s PAW Patrol live on stage!

FREE shows at 11am and 1pm, with a meet & greet at 12pm. Make sure you click on the interested or going button on their Facebook event page to get all the updates!

Jumpin’ Around will have their fabulous and very popular toddler play area set up with balls, soft mats and lots of obstacles for the little one’s to explore and have fun in!

Paw Patrol

The Sesame Lane Kindergarten is located at 20-36 Regency St, Kippa-Ring so head out there for a great family friendly day full of fun activities for the little one’s!


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Fathers Day Ideas

Fathers Day 2016 — Hire a Jumping Castle!!

So it’s fathers day on September 4th and you haven’t even given it a thought – right? Well Jumpin’ Around Party Solutions has the coolest fathers day idea with a difference … get together with friends and family and hire one of our adult jumping castles!  That’s right – we have a selection of adult jumping castles (that of course kids can still play on!) but that the big kids will enjoy too.

Throw a bbq in your back yard or even at your local park – we have generators so no problem erecting, inflating and dismantling whatever awesome castle you choose to celebrate the day with. Reckon your dad would love a big bounce, a brew and family … perfect fathers day to-date!

Check out our Gladiator castle – it comes equipped with jousting poles and gloves.  Imagine hiring this for Father’s Day (have it for the entire weekend for the same price!), inviting over some friends, have a BBQ and everyone can have a ball!

Jumping Castle Hire


We also hire out old school arcade style games, what Dad wouldn’t love this for the day?! Take him back to when he was a boy – the game comes with 60 plus games, and two stools. He will LOVE it. A definite gift with a difference.

Arcade Game Hire

So call us know to book – these ideas will make your Dad happy, and keep him entertained for the entire Father’s Day Weekend.


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Toddler Party Ideas (The Top 10 Guide)

Toddler Party Ideas and Inspo!

Your baby is hitting the terrible two’s, and you want to throw a great toddler party so every little person can have a great time (without too many tantrums right!!). Well here is our list of top 10 toddler party ideas to get your next party rockin!

Toddler Party Ideas

  1. Soft Play Hire – Kind of like an outdoor playcentre! Think balls, foam mats and lots of soft structures to build as you wish. This will keep the kids entertained and is safe, brightly coloured and fun.  There are many different shapes and sizes so the party can be held in any location / room.
  2. Treasure Hunt – every child (big and small) love a good treasure hunt. Place toys, objects, and lollies around the back yard and set up clues for the little one’s to find them.  You can do it in colours for the younger toddlers.
  3. Bubbles – a bubble machine can provide hours of entertainment for kids! Some machines can blow huge bubbles. How many can you catch / pop is a great game!
  4. The Snake Race is like an egg and spoon race, but with the snakes over their noses – they have to run from one side to the other without it dropping.
  5. Set up a Shaving Cream station – this is a messy and fun activity that is best done outdoors. Simply squirt some shaving cream onto a tray (ensure there is plastic cover underneath) with a few dollops of food colour and let them squelch and mix the colours.
  6. You can’t go past a good game of ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf‘ – a favourite for any child aged between 1 and 10!!
  7. Duck Duck Goose – need I say more?! The BEST GAME EVER!
  8. Freeze Dancing – Put on some tunes and let them dance away until you press ‘pause’ – the last one to FREEZE is out!
  9. Fishing Game – Pop some prizes into a large box and attach a paper clip to each. The kids can ‘fish’ for a prize with their stick and string with a magnet attached to each. Kids really love this game, so you may need lots of small prizes.
  10. Jumping castle is an effective way to keep them outside, and busy for hours. At Jumpin’ Around we have a huge selection, and some smaller castles that are perfect for the toddlers.

Toddler Party Ideas

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Kids Party Food

The best thing about a kids party?? Why Kids Party Food of course!

Kids parties are synonymous with kids party food, at Jumpin’ Around we’d like to give you some recipes for the best kids party food for your next big bash.

  • Kids Mini Hot Dogs – these are perfect to take to an outdoor park party as they travel well.
    • Ingredients: Mini frankfurters / mini rolls / tomato sauce and mustard
    • Simply warm through the mini frankfurter (cheerios) and wrap in foil
    • Slice through the mini rolls (or you can purchase partially baked ones, bake them at home, split and put in teatowels to keep warm)
    • Put each frankfurter inside each roll and serve with tomato sauce and mustard.

Kids Party Food

  • Honey Joys – these sticky little parcels are a kids party food MUST. They have been around for a long time, and I hope for a long time to come!
    • Ingredients: 90 grams of butter + 1/3 cup of sugar + 1 tablespoon honey + 4 cups of cornflakes.
    • Simply melt down all the ingredients and then add the cornflakes once hot and dissolved. Stir together quickley and place into paper patty cases. Bake in 150 degree oven for 10 minutes.

Kids Party Food

  • Fruit Kebabs – we all feel a little guilty at the over indulgence of kids party food. So feel a bit better and serve up some yummy fruit kebabs!
    • Choose seasonal fruit and chop into pieces. Have the kids all participate in making their own kebabs (a fun party idea too).  Melt some chocolate and drizzle over the kebabs.

kids party food

  • A vegetable stick platter looks colourful – you can make it yummy for the kids to choose their own dips!
    • Cut up different vegetables (carrots, celery, baby tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, cheese, crisp bread sticks, pretzels etc)
    • Make up a guacamole (mashed avocado with diced tomato), hommos (chickpea and tahini) and yoghurt dips.
    • Check out this fabulous Frozen themed vegetable platter! Perfect for that Frozen party!

Kids Party Food

  • Of course no kids party food would be complete without the mini pies and mini sausage rolls. Check out this recipe that includes chicken soup mix, it gives the sausage roll meat a delicious flavour!

Kids Party Food

There are heaps more kids party food ideas, but this is just to get the ideas flowing.  Don’t forget – our jumping castle’s make a FANTASTIC addition to any great kids party!

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Saint Patrick’s Day Activities in Brisbane

Saint Patrick’s Day – Activities and Entertainment Ideas

Coming up on Thursday, 17th March is the ‘everything green Irish celebration’ Saint Patrick’s Day! As as a multicultural society, Australian’s love to get on board any excuse for a celebration, and this day is definitely not any different!

Jumpin’ Around have a great selection of jumping castles of different themes – why not throw an after school family friendly party in the park or in your back yard?! The kids would love to dress up in their green, paint their faces and learn about the history behind this truly festive Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.


The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general.   Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, which is why here at Jumpin’ Around, we think it’s a great excuse for a party and hire out a jumping castle … We have Sponge Bob Square Pants jumping castle, our Frozen jumping castle and much more!



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