Valentine’s Day with a Touch of Difference!

Whether you love it, or hate it, yes the big V- Day is literally around the corner. Next Tuesday, the day of luuurve pops its head up, to the joy of retailers, florists, chocolatiers and of course – dining establishments.  Guaranteed $$ spinner for sure.

OK, so you’re reading a blog by a jumping castle company. What the heck are they doing writing about Valentine’s Day you are thinking?! Don’t be so surprised … yes, we can offer fun and different options to surprise the one you love on the greatest love day of the year!

Step 1.

We know that brekkie in bed is a bit of a V-day classic, but really, it never fails. Trust us. Give her (or him) their fav breakfast in bed, complete with a flower in a vase. Get the kids to bring it in for that extra special touch (perhaps some towels over the bedspread first in case of spillages!).

Step 2.

Go for a nice long walk together (OK, so this may not be possible considering Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday – unless you take a sickie off work!).  Just work (or dream) with us 🙂

Step 3.

Coffee. That’s non-negotiable.

Step 4.

Meander back home, and feel free to fill in the next couple of hours as you wish.

Step 5.

Take her (or him) outside and see what Jumpin’ Around have been busy inflating … YES, it’s our awesome (and different!) Adults jumping castle – the Rock and Roll Gladiator jumping castle.  This huge 7.5 x 7.5m whopper is such a huge amount of fun for adults. It comes complete with jousting poles and gloves so you can really get into it. LED lights can be included also to make it a real party!

Valentines Day

Step 6.

Invite all your friends over for an impromptu party and dance, bounce and joust the afternoon away!

If you call us to hire this for  we will work out a special for you too 🙂

Step 7. Don’t forget to enjoy a beautiful (perhaps home cooked?) romantic meal together after all those calories you have burned, you have earned it!

The perfect Valentine’s Day with a Difference!