Our Top 5 Quick n Easy Christmas Party Food Snacks

The time has come … yes, it’s suddenly hit MID-DECEMBER and you need to organise that corporate staff Christmas party … or that family-friendly / kid-friendly annual Xmas get-together.

Now Christmas party means food. Not the big sit down lunch type scenario, but party food. Yep, bite size, easy-to-eat-in-one-mouthful type party food. To help get your list started, here’s some really easy, but delicious, wow Xmas party food ideas for your next party.  Don’t forget to hire one of our fantastic jumping castles to make that Christmas party family-friendly and keep the kids entertained!

Chilli and Proscuitto Wrapped Prawn Skewers

Skewer peeled prawns onto (soaked) bamboo skewers. Marinate in chilli and oil mixture for 20mins or so. Wrap each proscuitto and BBQ until golden brown. Ummm … YUM?!!!

Cranberry + Brie Crostini

Slice baguettes (thin so it goes nice and crispy) – top with a good thick slice of brie and spoon over chunky, glorious, glistening cranberry sauce.

Ok so more Brie … but seriously, Brie and Xmas go together like a match made in heaven. BAKED BRIE. Yup. nuff said.  Just pop this baby in the oven till it’s nice and gooey. Great to add some honeycomb / drizzled with organic golden syrup.

Baked Brie

Antipasto Skewers

These super cute, colourful sticks are a Christmas rainbow on a plate. Eye-catching and Wow. Also pretty yummy to boot. Make your own variations up too 🙂

Ham and Cheese Sliders

We don’t even own this recipe, but we found it, and darn its good!! Follow this link 🙂