Tangled Up Inflatable Hire – Twister Game ALL WEEKEND HIRE


Tangled Up Inflatable Hire – Twister Game!

TANGLED UP! Remember good old fashioned  Party game for kids – “Twister” that we all played in the 80’s and 90’s? We used to slip and slide on that plastic and extend our limbs just in an effort not to fall on top of someone from the opposite gender! We didn’t want boy or girl germs now did we??? We played those party games for hours at kids parties. Well now Twister is back! and Jumpin Around Party Solutions have an inflatable version for hire and its called “Tangled Up”. It inflates to 4 x 3.5 metres and stands at 40cm height so its safe, but a whole lot of FUN! Party games for kids have never been so much fun now with inflatable Twister.

We can provide you with a large Twister spinning board but there’s also a range of apps the kids can download onto their smart phones.

If you would like other old fashioned party games for kids which have been revamped into current themes, we can also source those for you too. The old concept of pin the tail on the donkey also comes in a variety of themes to match your party theme.

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